IPL treatments

WHAT IS IPL? IPL is controlled pulses of laser energy that reaches down the hair shaft into the hair follicle underneath the skin, cauterizing the hair at its root. The surrounding tissue or skin is not damaged. The laser’s gentle beam of light damages and consequently prevents, the hair follicle from growing. Over several treatments, there is a gradual and eventually permanent reduction in the amount of hair in that area. Not only does it help with hair removal but it also reduces the look of spider veins and can improve skin tone. IPL treatments available:
  • Upper Lip or Chin hair removal
  • Half face hair removal
  • Full face & neck hair removal
  • Pigmentation or Veins
  • Half leg
  • Full leg
  • Chest or Abs
  • Shoulders & Back
  • Half Arms
  • Bikini or Underarms
Intense pulse light (IPL) machines are used to treat a range of cosmetic conditions such as the removal of unwanted hair, improve skin tone and texture, and reduce age spots. The IPL machine emits very small amplitude wavelength light through a crystal sapphire head. The light penetrates deep into the skin reaching all the way to the inner layer (known as the subcutaneous layer or hypodermis). This deep penetration provides a mechanism for reaching unwanted structures within the skin, such as hair follicles, clogged glands (causing acne), veins, and pigmentation. The colour of the structures (such as the red in veins, or pigmentation in hair or freckles) attracts and absorbs light of different wavelengths depending on the colour.        

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Absolutely one of the best salons ever. Everytime I've been, I've always had such great service and always come out feeling great! The ipl sessions I've had with Cheryl have worked so well and I am so pleased with the results! Still going with them but they are going great. Have had a few peals and they have worked so well for my skin! Have seen great results from this as well! 100% recommend Cheryl and the salon to all!

- Sancha

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