Eyebrow Tint or Eyebrow Shape or Eyelash Tint

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Treatment includes:
  • Eyebrow Tint,
  • or Eyebrow Shape,
  • or Eyelash Tint.
Eyebrow tinting Eyebrow tint is a form of semi-permanent hair-dye formulated specifically for use on the eyebrows. This treatment is the right choice if: –        You have radically changed your hair color –        You have grey hair in your eyebrows –        You want thicker looking eyebrows –        You want to add definition to your face Eyebrow shape It’s amazing what a difference a nice pair of shapely eyebrows can make to the structure of the face. Having neat, defined eyebrows frames the eyes, boosts facial symmetry and creates an attractive high-contrast look. Eyelash tinting Eyelash tinting makes you lashes stand out, looking luscious, darker and longer and completely natural. We recommend this treatment for those with very light-colored lashes or brows, those who are allergic or sensitive to make up, for athletes, especially swimmers because it will not run when wet.  

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Shine Beauty Therapy - Forrest Hill North Shore / Eyebrow Tint or Eyebrow Shape or Eyelash Tint


Absolutely one of the best salons ever. Everytime I've been, I've always had such great service and always come out feeling great! The ipl sessions I've had with Cheryl have worked so well and I am so pleased with the results! Still going with them but they are going great. Have had a few peals and they have worked so well for my skin! Have seen great results from this as well! 100% recommend Cheryl and the salon to all!

- Sancha

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