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Tanning is an important part of bodybuilding. The reason why bodybuilding athletes are very dark is to accentuate the muscle under the bright stage lights. Our goal is to provide competition colour to Bodybuilding. Physique  and Figure athletes, so it would be much easier for the judges to evaluate your body condition and muscle development.
Note: Whether you’re a bodybuilder or a fitness athlete you need to shave and exfoliate your skin before the tanner is applied. This will ensure that you  avoid uneven and blotchy skin.

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Shine Beauty Therapy - Forrest Hill North Shore / Bodybuilding Figure & Physique


Absolutely one of the best salons ever. Everytime I've been, I've always had such great service and always come out feeling great! The ipl sessions I've had with Cheryl have worked so well and I am so pleased with the results! Still going with them but they are going great. Have had a few peals and they have worked so well for my skin! Have seen great results from this as well! 100% recommend Cheryl and the salon to all!

- Sancha

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