Eyelash Perm and Tint

Eyelash Perm and Tint

Eyelash perming is a pain free and simple process which can be carried out in your lunch break so no down time. We start with a cleanse around the eye area to remove any traces of makeup, then use a pre-perm solution to remove any oils. There are various sizes of adhesive perming rods to suit nearly everyones length of lashes, so we measure the right one for you and apply them to your eyelids to curl your lashes onto. This may sound a little odd but it is the same feeling as the old lash curlers you push your lashes into and held forever until you thought they would be curly enough. Once all of the lashes are ready, we apply a special perming solution to the lashes and wait for the required time which can vary with each client. During this time we’ll be giving you a scalp or hand massage to keep you relaxed. When its ready to come off, the setting solution is applied and its another massage for you…doesnt get any better than that! Once the setting solution is ready to come off, we remove the rods using wet pads and water and the rods roll straight off. However, to really set of the finish, a lash tint is just perfect to highlight those now fabulously curly lashes which last 2-3 months. This treatment will make your eyes look more open, fresh and revitalised.



Absolutely one of the best salons ever. Everytime I've been, I've always had such great service and always come out feeling great! The ipl sessions I've had with Cheryl have worked so well and I am so pleased with the results! Still going with them but they are going great. Have had a few peals and they have worked so well for my skin! Have seen great results from this as well! 100% recommend Cheryl and the salon to all!

- Sancha

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