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What is IPL and what are the benefits

What is IPL and what are the benefits

What is IPL?

IPL is an intense pulse light treatment for hair removal, pigmentation, rosacea and broken capillaries . During the treatment, the IPL head will heat the specific area to around 70 degrees for each shot.

What can you expect from a course of treatments?

For a course of IPL treatments, it would permanently reduce hair at least 85% with minimal discomfort. Depending on the area, a bikini, braz or underarm can be about 5 minutes of actual treatment time as opposed to a 10-20 minute wax. As the area being treated reduces in hair, the skin is also softened as the pores close up so is a double dose of treatment. For facial hair the recommended treatments are carried out every 3 weeks, for body hair every 4-6 week, and generally 8 treatments are required in the initial course. Please be aware the number of sessions and results can vary with each client, so we’ve listed some of the reasons for you below:
  • Hair grow in different stages so only 1/3 per treatment will actually penetrate to the root of the hair at any given time.
  • Hair may lay dormant during the time of treatment.
  • Hormone can affect the hair stimulation in the body at any given time.

Can everyone have IPL?

Your skin colour most definitely determines whether you are eligible to have IPL, and also the amount of sessions. As IPL is attracted to pigment, when your skin colour is too close to the hair colour, the machine cannot differentiate between the two. In which case the treatments cannot be carried out. However, if you have darker pigmented skin but still able to have treatments like myself, more treatments will be required as the machine cannot be turned up as high as someone with fair skin and dark hair. Fine, fair, downy hair normally found on the side of the face, blonde/red/grey hair etc. are not treatable on all machines, so please book in for a complimentary consult.

After treatment has started?

Once treatment have started, a minimum SPF 30+ sunblock must be used wherever the treatment is carried out and no exposure to the sun, sunbed or exercise for at least 48 hours.

What else can IPL do?

IPL can also be used to remove pigment on the face and body e.g. Sunspots, freckles to either greatly reduce or remove completely. The results and amount of treatments vary with each client, but again, sunblock must be used at all times.


Absolutely one of the best salons ever. Everytime I've been, I've always had such great service and always come out feeling great! The ipl sessions I've had with Cheryl have worked so well and I am so pleased with the results! Still going with them but they are going great. Have had a few peals and they have worked so well for my skin! Have seen great results from this as well! 100% recommend Cheryl and the salon to all!

- Sancha

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